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Decongest your hair.

What do we mean by this? Well, quite honestly your scalp can get bogged down with excess product. Especially in these times of everybody staying home.

Dry shampoo and root touch-up product sales are on the rise — no doubt due to limited salon visits. Women are split between childcare and online video meetings requiring a new suite of haircare product.

For stylists, it’s no secret that these products basically just “sit” on a person’s scalp. With increased use, these at-home, quick-fix solutions can clog your hair follicles. Not only does this cause excessive itching or discomfort, it also makes the hair follicle itself shrink! And then?

You may notice thinning hair. Ack!

But we have a solution!

We recommend using a good clarifying shampoo at least once a month. Aveda‘s Scalp Remedy shampoo or Pramasana shampoo should do the trick. Make sure you massage it in very well by using the balls of your fingers and then rinse more thoroughly than a regular shampoo (for a longer time and working through your scalp by separating your hair so the water reaches the scalp).

As always, talk to us! We can accommodate a no-contact pick-up of our cleansing product or send you home with a bottle when you see us at your next (very covid-safe) appointment.

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