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We had a great time this past Saturday morning in the salon!

We spent a little bit of time filming video for a submission to a Amoroma Productions’ upcoming project, “Silver Linings”. The Chandler-based company is producing a documentary about the resiliency of Arizona’s 553,000 small business owners who employ about 1 million Arizonans.

With the help of our videographer Danny Upshaw, we shot video displaying how the salon has physically shifted to protect our team members and our guests as well during Covid-19.

Then we interviewed team members on camera, who feel we are a vital part of service to our community. We also asked them to describe all the measures they are taking to stay safe during these uncertain times at work. They also talk about how they convey what the “ new normal” is to our guests.

We’re submitting our video and are hopeful that our story will be of interest to the production company. But no matter what, the whole team had a great time working on this two minute video; reflecting together on this change.

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