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Pamper Yourself At Home: 7 Self Pampering Ideas When You Can’t Get To The Spa

Before You Start To Pamper Yourself – Set The Mood: Soft music and candlelight can help you relax and feel like you are in a more peaceful place.

Dress The Part For Self Pampering: When you’re at a spa you are given a robe… with the assumption that you disrobe and get more comfortable…. get rid of those things that tether you to your reality and let go!

Deep Condition Your Hair With A Hair Mask: A deep conditioning treatment can be done outside of your shower while you relax in the soft candlelight.

Give Yourself A Manicure (Or A Pedicure): An at-home mani/pedi may not always feel as good as at the nail salon but with a more relaxing space you can make it something more enjoyable than a rushed job before a date!

Soak In A Bubble Bath: Grab a smell-good bath bomb and relax in the tub while listening to your favorite relaxing music!

Soothing Eye Treatment: Add this to that bubble soak for a little extra extravagance!

A New Pair Of Pajamas: When in doubt, buy something new to lounge around the house in; it may help relax your state of mind!

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