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We are in 2023 and it seems we are living in a flashback! Fashion is getting creative with style from the 80’s leg warmers to Y2K baggy pants! Trends such as platform sandals, glittery eye makeup, low-rise, and flare pants are definitely a fashion statement this year.

This generation is bringing back all the nostalgia for their parents and grandparent. Personally I lean more toward the year 2000 as a look book, because that era had so much fun with what they wore: baggy t-shirts with baggy pants, and colorful tube tops with small purses–who couldn’t resist?

Brands such as Juicy couture, bebe, Von Dutch, and True Religion are popular again in today’s culture in the form of baby tees, miniskirts, bandage dresses, and flares with ’00s-inspired details! What era are you stuck in?


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