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As the warmer weather is peaking around the corner, get ready for the hot new spring trends that will come our way! For haircutting, warmer weather usually means shorter hair. Hailey Bieber shocked the internet with her one length bob that took social media by storm! This look will be duplicated around the world as its a classic that never goes out of style but cycles thru popularity.

For color, expect to see more warmer and richer tones as “expensive brunette” is the look this season! Adding pops of dimension and ribboning in the hair will also make more of an appearance as its safe to say the overly blonde icy trend has been left in 2022. For styling, expect to see more natural, lived-in textures, as well as natural curls, and wave patterns. The biggest trend of 2023 will likely be embracing you so enjoy all of the parts that make you authentically you! Including your hair!


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