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In day to day life, we have an inner need to keep going and get all the items on our to-do list done. But after having slowed down to a complete halt with nothing to truly accomplish everyone was going crazy! However, for me, I used this time to work on my inner self. Since there was nothing to work on in the outside world, this was the perfect time to tune into my own thoughts, feelings, hopes and dreams!

Being part of a “on the move” society, we are never told to focus on ourselves. Instead, we are given several options of what to think, what to feel, or how to be seen as respectable. Being pulled away from society re-opened my mind.

I’m finding myself with bigger boundaries for my personality to shine through. Along with creating better daily habits like eating better or doing small exercises to keep my body awake, I’ve even explored new possibilities for my future! When you’re being pressured into a certain timeline made up by our ancestors, there’s no time to look at ALL the options. Instead, we are told to have a 5 year plan, and if you go away from it, you’re having a midlife crisis.

It’s amazing how such a small amount of time can open up your inner workings allowing you to actually work on them. Going forward, I hope everyone will be able to step back and be able to separate the outside from the inside. This life is not just about accomplishing tasks, its enjoying the time you have here. It’s about finding your own inner peace and knowing who you are and standing by it.

My facade has fallen and I wont be putting it back up, will you?

Blog by Emily

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