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I’ve been a vegetarian for over a year now and it was an awesome decision!

I didn’t become a vegetarian for the animals (but I admit the lack of guilt is a great side effect). I made the decision because I had been interested in the vegetarian lifestyle for years and had already started giving meat substitutes a try.

So my big tip is that the best way to become a vegetarian is to ease into it. It does not have to be all or nothing! You can start with trying some meat substitutes, maybe have one veggie meal every week or two weeks or even a month. Maybe start with cutting out meats that aren’t your favorite. For example, I had never really enjoyed steak or red meat at all. So I had already cut out red meats in an effort to be healthier, and eventually when I was ready to commit to being a full time vegetarian, I had a pretty easy adjustment period. All I had to do was cut out poultry and keep eating the substitute meals that I liked.

Now here’s the good part: I’ve noticed a drastic change since becoming vegetarian. I don’t struggle with my weight nearly as much as I used to nor do I have to ruin my knees running every day. I feel healthier and meals don’t make me feel almost sick with how heavy they are.

You may not want to go full vegetarian but I definitely recommend that everyone try to incorporate some vegetarian meals into their lives!

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