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Trend Alert: Huarache Sandals

By August 2, 2019No Comments

Cute, right???
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If you are looking for a summer sandal, take inspiration from a centuries-long tradition of footwear in hot climates.

Huarache sandals!

The huarache sandal is an all-leather shoe made from woven leather strips that come in a variety of designs. The origins are pre-Columbian and most modern-day makers of the best huaraches reside in Mexico.

The sandals range from open-toe to closed-toe to lace-up loafers; single color or multicolored — even rainbow! With the braided leather style, they are amazingly breathable and, with just a few wears, stretch to a perfect fit.

We have seen huaraches pop up in local shops in recent years and, just the other day, noticed that is currently selling a few huarache styles.

These shoes are absolutely perfect for our climate. Because it never rains, the leather stays clean and soft. The open weave of the sandal keeps your feet cool.

And they are so versatile! One pair can easily transition from baggy jeans to shorts to a casual skirt and we’ve even pulled off the huarache in a professional work setting as a stylish flat.

Our advice is to search on for the look you want as most of the huaraches sold there are authentically made in Mexico. The price point is more than reasonable and the variety is endless. Truly, they are perfect for AZ!


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