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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Client Retention for Hair Stylists

By August 6, 2019No Comments

They put their trust in your hands! (photo:

As a stylist, I have learned many lessons as I’ve navigated the ups and downs of pleasing my clients and being able to keep them coming back. And I’m still learning!

But I do have a few things I can share when it comes to keeping clients happy, maintaining strong trust, and nurturing the client/stylist relationship long term.

Client consultations. Yes, of course we discuss how the client wants their hair to look. But it’s also important to talk about price up front. This transperency and direct communication is the best way to start your relationship with your clients, alleviating any unwanted surprises. The only thing they should be surprised about at the end of their appointment is how incredible they feel!

Client conversation. Through conversation, we connect. It’s all about interacting and allowing your client to be themselves with you. While shampooing or processing, have a chat and learn all about your client. Where are they from? Where do they work? What is their family life like? Dog person or cat person? The more you know, the stronger the relationship.

Plan with the client for the future. Walking your client through the process of booking in advance is the best way to ensure that they will be taken care of completely. We don’t want to just lightly say, “Don’t forget to book your next appointment,” without any follow through. Instead, we need to be encouraging by saying things like, “I want to say we should book you in about 6 weeks now so we know we both are going to keep you looking fabulous with your new hair.” Be liberal with the compliments! After all, they are showing off your incredible work and we want to make sure they keep looking and feeling confident at all times.

Those are my top three but I have more and will most likely share them in one of my upcoming blogs. Stay tuned!

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