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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Growing Your Hair Out

By July 30, 2019No Comments

A fun, big change to hair is so easy to come by when you’re ready to chop.

The result of patience and care. (photo:

But what if the change you want is longer hair?

It’s so hard to wait and as stylists we have clients asking us all the time how they can grow their hair out as fast as possible. So here’s the complete list of top ten tips that will help you maintain and grow those luscious locks!

1. Trim it! Getting regular trims are actually beneficial when growing out your hair. If you have pre-damaged hair either from color or lightening getting regular trims will help cut off any spit ends you may have and allow your hair to grow healthy.

2. Hold back on the shampoo. We recommend shampooing your hair every third day and always conditioning. If you prefer to rinse your hair with water and no shampoo use conditioner every time. This will give your hair strength and elasticity.

3. Use a detangler. Your hair is vulnerable when it is wet! Always use something to lubricate your hair so your brush doesn’t break or pull hair.

4. Make thermal protectors routine. Thermal protecting products are a must especially when using high heat irons or dryers on your hair. Over time you can get split ends which is not a pretty look and results in a need for cutting several inches instead of just trims.

5. Color cautiously and professionally. Stay away from over-lightening or processing your hair especially at home! Always let a licensed professional do any type of color. At home colors can be a big mess and costly to correct.

6. Try hair masks. Masks and Oils are essential to keeping up with your hair’s health. Try putting a mask on once a week to keep your hair strong and silky.

7. Get the best hair towel. Having a proper towel for your hair is also essential for staying away from breakage when your hair is wet.

8. Invest in product. Try some amazing product for hair growth like Aveda Invati, a three part system including Shampoo , Conditioner and Invati Scalp revitalizer.

9. Try hair supplements! There are plenty of hair, skin and nail supplements like biotin or sugar bear gummies for internal hair growth.

10. Embrace the process. With every length, there’s a new style you can adopt so ask us at your appointments for new ways to style based on your in-between lengths. This way, you’ll feel like you are mixing up your look while you wait for the growth.

And, finally, please talk to your Root Salon stylist. We can provide the perfect plan of product, treatment, and services to support your great grow out.

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