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The Root Salon Goes Green with Green Circle Salons

By July 26, 2019No Comments

We care about this thing. A lot. (photo:

Did you know that we are a full-blown recycling salon? It’s true!

With the help of the great folks at Green Circle Salons, we have been recycling just about everything around the salon. Why?

Well, first of all, we care! Much of our business’s core value philosophy is based on having a positive impact on our clientele, our neighborhood, and now, the earth’s environment.

Second, you care! It’s increasingly obvious that consumers vote with their dollars and channel spending into responsible brands that support healthy communities. Literally overnight, the Green Circle Salons program has added layers of value that enhance both customer and staff experience.

We are proud to have worked with Green Circle Salons to position us as stewards of our planet.

Every day in the salon we collect hair clippings, used foils, color tubes, excess hair color, papers and plastics, glass, and other salon waste. We then send the collected items to Green Circle in special containers once or twice per week. Then they recycle and repurpose what they collect from all participating salons and spas across North America. It’s all diverted  from landfills and waterways.

This enables us to reduce hair color usage and implement energy and water saving systems through a unique funding tool that actually helps us afford these changes. Everyone is involved and everyone wins.

There are over 2,000 salons involved now and over five and a half million pounds of waste have been diverted. We are so glad that we are involved and that we were one of the first in Phoenix to jump on board.

Want to learn more about how it works? Just ask a team member next time you are in the salon.


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