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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Wedding Trends Part 1

By November 6, 2018No Comments

Gold wedding fingernails are in!

You may have noticed that we are blogging about weddings a lot lately. Well, it’s fall in Phoenix and the weather is just perfect for outdoor weddings. I alone have been to four nuptial celebrations in the past 12 days!

All of them were very beautiful and inspirational in different ways but, there were some common trends I’d like to share.

What’s the common thread I noticed from the wedding hair side of things? Beachy waves worn half up and half down was at every wedding and on all bridesmaids! All of the brides of all ages had veils that were all at least finger length hems. Only one bride wore her hair up and it was in a very tight chignon.

All of the brides wore nude, white or a soft gold nail color. Surprising that there was no darker nail colors given the floral trends I saw (more on that for the next blog).

From what I saw, brides are choosing to wear fairly heavy eye make-up with false eyelashes. This surprised me as I expected softer eye looks due to the subtleness of Meghan Markle’s eye make-up at the royal wedding. None of the blushing brides at the weddings I attended wore dark lip color. Every lovely lady went for a soft, natural lip with a glossy finish.

Stay tuned for more reports on the valley’s fantastic bridal season and what trends are big with brides in Phoenix!


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