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Get on Board with the Latest Fashion Trends

By November 2, 2018No Comments


Do it. Don’t look back!

With the cooler weather slowly approaching I find myself getting more and more excited to go shopping for some warmer clothes. Lets take a look at some of the hottest fall trends showcased the 2018 New York fashion week and other equally awesome recent fashion shows.

Whether you love or hate animal print, big names such as Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Givenchy and Michael Kors were not shy about their love for all things Zebra or big cat related. From large statement jackets and dresses to a simple pair of pumps or a belt, it seems you can’t go wrong this season flaunting your inner wild animal.

It’s not just animal print making a strong comeback. Colorful floral designs were all over the runway, many with oversized sleeves and/or shoulder pads. The silhouettes of most of the styles seemed to have a heavy 80s influence and made the comeback of rouching more than apparent in the styles that were worn tight.

Plaid and Tweed are everywhere, in many different patterns and colors. And if we are going to pay any attention to what the fashion pros are doing this season, we shouldn’t hesitate to pair them all together. Everything from the classic pencil skirt to jackets, scarves and blazers. Any pattern matched with classic black and white or with a fresh pop of a fall color won’t disappoint and leaves endless options for combining pieces to create new outfits.

Speaking of fresh pops of color, another hot trend right now inspired originally by my childhood but more recently made popular by Prada’s fall collection are Neons. Neon everything!! Use it as just an accent to an otherwise muted outfit or an all neon ensemble, if getting noticed is your scene. This is now a fun and fashionable option for you to explore.

The last fun trend I want to address, that I couldn’t be more excited about is the belt bag, which is really just a fancy name for a more fashionable fanny pack. Although I have a feeling I would spend the whole first day looking for my purse instead of enjoying the lack of pressure on my shoulder, I would be willing to bet I could get use to that relatively quickly. Anytime Convenience, Comfort and fashion meet up, that’s where you will find me!

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