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Imagine you purchased a top that costs in the $50-$150 range. I’m sure that, before you throw it in the wash, you would probably check the care instructions on the tag. After all, with this financial investment in the garment, you’d want to make sure it lasts. Your hair is just the same! Especially if you color your hair, you are making a financial investment. We want to be sure that your investment has a good return: The color should last as long as possible. So it’s always been a rule of thumb with fabric that washing in cold water on a delicate cycle makes the color last longer and your hair is the same, hot water will remove color faster. You also want to be gentle with your hair, this includes while you’re washing it, brushing it, and heat styling it. By gently brushing any tangles or knots out before you get in the shower you can achieve less breakage. When you load up on moisturizers like leave in conditioners & masks you ensure proper moisture in the hairstrand, which will cut down on frizz. Lastly when you decide to use a hot tool on your hair, be sure to prepare your hair thoroughly with heat protectant. This will prevent burning of the cuticle (keep in mind the temperature of your tool) & stop discoloring on lighter toned hair. Using these tips will help give you softer & healthier hair! Hope they help!

Blog by: Kira 

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