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Mens cutting and coloring requires a special skill. To blend grays, achieve bold looks, or simply change up a look, Mens coloring is a hot trend that is sure to stick around. Two-tone hair is the reigning trend for men’s color whether it’s rooted blondes or ombré browns or half and half. It’s all about natural and cosmetic colors coming together to create new color looks. The evolution of hair color technology and recent women’s trends has brought a new dynamic to these men’s color trends.

The fellas these days are running to the salon to join in on these color trends that are not only sweeping the nation but have been rocked all over the globe. And with all of these balayage, foliage and rooted women’s color trends, why can’t men experiment with the same techniques?

The ombré, basically, is grown-out color without the time. Balayage is a softer, more natural hi-light which both women and men are loving to get in the salon! These grown out looks are easy to maintain and then men have spoken and they are here for it!

Come in and talk to us. We can make this look happen for you!

Blog by: Mikee

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