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This time of year brings family gatherings and of course lots of yummy eats. But with the end of the year excitement comes the stress of planning. To minimize stress here are some ideas that might help get you ahead of the holiday track & make you feel like time isn’t flying by so quickly! Start by setting up any personal care appointments you might want before the big gatherings! Hair appointments, nail services, waxing appointments, etc. This will help to give you a schedule to follow, once you have a general schedule set up it will help to plan ahead. A great way to plan ahead is by creating lists. Lists are the best because they get a lot of information onto paper so you can visually reorganize or group together different things you may need to get or different tasks that need to be accomplished. Set a goal to complete these list(s) by a certain day and put it on the schedule! When you are on track with your schedule, it  will help to give a feeling of organization & timelines. Which in turn will help you feel like the end of the year isn’t slipping away! Remember to stay organized & simply plan it out, you got this!

Blog by: Kira

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