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When it comes to getting a great style there is no better feeling than getting a fresh blow-dry from the salon. Whether you’re having a night out or you simply want that freshly styled look, when it comes to styling a clients hair there are three essentials that will help me achieve the best results. First up is Alfaparf Milano’s Thermal Protectant Spray. This product does wonders, this is my go to product if the hair is already dry and I’m looking to flat iron or curl the existing texture. Second is the essential blow out cream- Alfaparf Milano’s All in One Extraordinary Fluid, this is a great shine product, pre-blowout thermal protectant, & leave in nourishment. This product is so amazing, a pump or two in your hands and you will see the glitter sparkles shine. Lastly are two of my favorite hair sprays, to set and curls or specific pieces in the hair I utilize Aveda’s Air Control Hairspray. This is a very nice lightweight but medium hold hairspray, its very brushable so it leaves the hair feeling soft. The last product is Alfaparf Milano’s Dry Shampoo Texturizing Spray, this is great to finish any style because this spray is so versatile. It can work for building volume, setting shorter pieces like the bangs, and absorbing excessive oil at the roots. Overall all of these products are great for most textures of hair, depending of course the final results of the style. Hopefully some of these products may help you with your styling needs!

Blog by: Kira

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