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As stylists, we all know that we will inevitably aid our lifelong clients in their drastic hair changes with many being an emotional response to life’s hardships.

Tough breakups, for example, can be the catalyst for a lot of new hairstyles & color. But why is it that we look to change our hair when our relationships go awry?

Not only is it a change to your appearance, but also it’s a representation of a change in your life. In some cultures it is believed the hair can hold energy; the cutting of your hair is like a release of the old negativity. The big cut leaves you with only the new, positive energy to cleanse your spirit. What a nice idea, right?

I think we can all agree that a new style, color, or cut is a refreshing feeling. (Plus, it’s not a crime to feel pampered after someone just crushed your heart.)

With a new look, you can carry that refreshing feeling in your life outside the salon. It feels good to choose a change! So, the next time you’re hit with a major change, will you embrace it? Talk to us! We’re here for you!

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