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Beauty and health are more than just what you display and ingest. It is an all encompassing balance of mind, body, and spirit.

In any creation, success and prosperity always start with a firm foundation. So as growing humans (just like plants) it’s vital that we plant our roots in nourishing soil; to embrace the grounding energies we hold within ourselves and the balance that surrounds us.

At the Root Salon we wish all people to know the potentials they hold within. As mind, body, and spirit are essential for good health and true beauty. We focus on the power and influence of our energetic meridian called The Root Chakra also known as Muladhara.

Located at the base of the spine around the perineum, the Root Chakra holds energies of Safety and security. It influences feelings of staying grounded and confident in oneself and one’s ability to create stability. The consciousness of the root chakra is oriented towards survival. On this level we function on survival instinct, concerned with hunger, fear, and need for rest and comfort. This means it regulates our bodies protecting our day to day health and mundane needs. When this chakra is out of balance it manifests through feelings of insecurity, stress, feelings of instability, and scarcity. Through proper lifestyle and mindset the chakra can remain in balance.

To keep the Root chakra in balance, specific foods, meditations, and exercise are crucial. Color therapy and aroma therapy are also very useful techniques. The color corresponding to this wonderful chakra is Red.

Red is the longest wavelength and slowest vibration in the visible color spectrum. Visualizing a red ball at the base of your spine is a way to plant roots into your space, rebalancing this chakra. Other ways to rebalance include utilizing essential oils such as Patchouli, Cedar Wood, and Myrrh. You can also eat specific foods such as root vegetables, red foods, and spicy foods to assist the natural balance and nourishment of the body.

Through caring for our energy we care for our beauty. Starting at The Root, we create balanced beauty.

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