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For many of us, COVID-19 hitting our communities and all the changes that have come with it has ignited a phase of explosive learning, introspection, and action.

It can be overwhelming.

Way back in late March after the initial onset of sheltering and shut downs, I pulled out my antique Singer Featherweight sewing machine (originally owned by my great, great Aunt [I think?]) and started sewing masks.

Just like everything else COVID-related, this has lasted muuuuuuuch longer than I thought it would! But I must say, I really enjoy it. It’s really nice to construct these items that are now a critical part of our community health. Most nights, I pop on a podcast or audiobook and spend 20-30 minutes sewing.

If you know how to sew, dust off that sewing machine! It’s been a great hobby that I consider my volunteer work that I can do from home.

And just a few suggestions…

I order fat quarter bundles of quilting cotton from Etsy and they are perfect for this project. The seller chooses a stack of fabrics and it’s so fun to be surprised by the textiles. Quilting cotton offers a tight weave but is still lightweight and breathable. I make three-layer masks (just two layers for kids) and they work really well.

If you’re interested in getting started at home, this is the pattern and tutorial I like. They’re really easy to make!

Happy sewing!

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