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It seems like there is always a reason to give a gift. A holiday, birthday, baby shower, weddings, an accomplishment, or just because…the list goes on.

A few years ago I was getting tired of spending a ton of time gift hunting. All the questions come to mind: What is the gift for? Who is it for? What does the person need? What will the gift represent? What colors does the person like?

By the time you’ve even tried to head out to the store, it’s already become an obligation rather than a sentiment of your love for the person. Then I’d end up spending hours, numerous trips to different stores, way more money that I anticipated or with a boring gift card. What started out as an exciting, happy-to-do thing, turned into a troublesome task that I started to resent.

One day, I happened to find myself at a dollar store and I walked by an aisle with notebooks. I saw a notebook that had unicorn cats floating in clouds. I couldn’t help but smile because it was so ridiculous but reminded me of a friend that had two cats he adored. I decided to get the notebook and held on to it.

Months later, he was going through a difficult time in life and I remembered I had that notebook. I pulled it out and on the first page I wrote my hopes, dreams, and well wishes for him. I gave him the notebook. He couldn’t help but laugh at it and was amazed that I found a notebook that had unicorn cats. ‘Till this day when I visit him, that notebook is out and it makes my heart smile.

Since then I collect notebooks. I never go out of my way to find one but I tend to browse the stationary aisles and if one pops out at me, I grab it. When a gift-giving occasion arises, I’m able to sift through the notebooks I already have to find the perfect one. It’s always meaningful because I take time to sit and compose a personal note to them on the first page. It’s intentional because I’d like for the recipient to see the gift as a place for them to journal, release their feelings, and hopefully find some peace in that.

Try this, you’ll be amazed at how fun gift giving becomes again! You’ll also always be the person that gives the best gifts because a people value a gift from the heart more than they do a gift that costs 100’s.

Happy gift giving!

Blog by Steven

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