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It happens to the best of us, we get a new hairstyle throwing all of our cares away to make us feel better about ourselves. Then, we get home and find out our closest family members or significant other has something to say about it. It completely distracts us from why we walked into the salon in the first place and makes us question if what we did was the right thing. But the thing is, it shouldn’t matter to anyone other than us!

The biggest problem in the world right now is accepting others, yet I see others on the daily, constantly taking hits from the ones that are supposed to care most about them. But the other question is, why are we giving in so easily to the criticism? I was once told that the ones that care don’t matter, the ones that don’t care are the ones that matter. Another thing I was taught from a young age was to stand up for myself. I’ve easily broken up with a guy because he didn’t like how short I cut my hair. The, “Its gonna grow back, right?” response is usually a red flag for me.

Now, I’m not telling you to leave your partner. All I’m saying is, if you’re happy with you, you should be focusing on that. I know how hard it is to block out the negativity from others but you also have a say in your own appearance and approach to your own aesthetic. Even if that means changing your color every few months or letting it grow down your back and buzzing it off. It’s YOUR decision. Don’t let anyone else hold you back from being your true, genuine self.

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