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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Survive Thanksgiving!

By November 21, 2017No Comments

Not your Thanksgiving? That’s okay. We’re here for you.

As we get ready for Thanksgiving, our clients are rushing to get their hair color refreshed and a trim so they can look their very best. We hear all the plans and menu items that our guests are anticipating. As always, we send them out the door with well wishes for a Happy Holiday.

And then, at their next appointment, we get to hear the full report.

We always want the best for our clients, we really do. And if we had our way, no one would ever suffer a difficult or awkward holiday moment.

But, over the years, we’ve often shared a good belly laugh alongside a guest as they describe the events of their disastrous holiday. Whether it’s the dog peeing on the mother-in-law’s shoes, a charred pie, or Great Grandpa verbalizing his wish for death at the dinner table, we have heard it ALL.

So our quick advice as you navigate this Thanksgiving: If the day has a major mishap or ends in complete disaster, just mentally fast forward to when you are next in our chair, telling us every hilarious detail!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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