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Lifestyle Trend: Plant-Based Diet

By November 24, 2017No Comments

See? So many possibilities!

Going plant based might not make the world a perfect place but I believe it would make it a healthier, kinder and greener one.

Research shows that in 2018, going plant based will be one of the top mega trends to hit our society. Thanks to several documentaries, animal activists, and attainable resources, more information about the food industry is coming to light.

Over the past year, 83% of consumers have chosen a plant-based alternative to actual meat and dairy-based products. We’re seeing more brands and restaurants cater to the non-meat-eating and the cruelty-free consumer. Even makeup, hair, and cleaning brands are jumping over to the cruelty-free side. Change is among us and it only takes one person to make a slight adjustment in their daily life to help.

People have been doing meatless Mondays, cutting dairy out of their lifestyle, and even going plant-based “cold turkey”.

It might sound like a radical move but there are so many tools and resources to help us, it’s more do-able than ever!

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