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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Thanks for Thanksgiving

By November 28, 2017No Comments

If you shared someone else’s kitchen at Thanksgiving, keep showing your thanks!

So did you have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday? Were you the hostess or did you get the honor of being a guest?

If you were the guest, even if you didn’t have a fantastic time, keep in mind that putting together a big celebration can be nothing short of nerve-racking.

There’s shopping, menu planning, trying to stay on budget, cooking, tablescaping…just to name a few. If you have out of town company, it can also involve a hectic trip to the airport.

I mean, we haven’t even mention the pre- and post-meal clean ups yet!

As you sit back and serve up a plate of your tremendous leftovers, take a few moments to mentally thank your host or hostess. Then, (we know it’s a lost art), write a hand-written thank you note.

We promise, the receiving party will feel so appreciated. Plus, it will go a long way to getting you invited back next year!


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