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The Root Salon and Integrity

By November 17, 2017No Comments

We talk a lot about the education we seek to grow our skills as colorists and stylists. But even though we know how to do many things, we must consider first if we should.

Here at The Root Salon we take the integrity of your hair very seriously. One motto that we use here is, “there no such thing as beautiful damaged hair”. We take a ton of things into consideration when deciding how to achieve the hair color you are dreaming of.

Suffice it to say that the human hair is a unique fiber. The construction of this fiber allows it to withstand a great deal of abuse. But you can take it too far. Hair that is over-processed, neglected and abused by the hair colorist will definitely affect the successful outcome of the final color result.

It is important for our team of colorists to understand the texture of your hair, your natural hair color, your daily at home care routine and the porosity of your hair (just to name a few). We like to take our time evaluating what you came into the salon with in order to ensure that what you leave the salon with is the healthiest hair possible.

Sometimes, it takes more than one appointment to get there. But we firmly believe that it’s wrong to traumatize hair just for the sake of quick results. And those quick results will not look good — trust us!

We like to see our guests leave with a big smile, shiny fabulous hair color, and instructions on how to keep it that way.

So, please know that you are in caring hands at your next hair color appointment.


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