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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Cure Dull Hair with a Clarifying Treatment

By November 14, 2017No Comments

This will feel as good as it looks!

It happens to the best of us. The calendar is flying by and, suddenly, you see that your hair has changed. It might be the same color and cut as always but it gets, just…dull.

We know all about this. Often, your favorite styling products are leaving a little bit of build up on your hair. And usually regular shampooing just isn’t enough.

We can help! Book a clarifying treatment appointment and we will use our wonderful detoxing shampoo that will get styling product build up off of your hair without stripping or drying out your hair. It contains natural deep cleansers and natural enzymes that will clean off anything weighing your hair down. You will get a great therapeutic scalp massage and a hand massage at the same time.

After this bliss, we have a brand new deep conditioning treatment that we are amped about! It is straight off the boat from Italy and it is called Cellula Madre from our partners Alfaparf Milano. It has plant stem cells that give you the most beautiful hair you’ve ever dreamed of. And it only takes a few minutes to penetrate the hair giving you time to relax after your massages.

We’ll lead you back to the design floor to get a great blow-dry style and know you’ll be amazed with the results! This is the perfect way to get ready for a Friday night date or a Saturday girls night out.

Beware though, you might get addicted!


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