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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Stand Up Straight

By February 19, 2019No Comments

When perfecting your posture, a short-sleeved leotard and turban is the preferred attire.
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Let’s face it, proper posture makes a huge difference in your over-all health.

I have been standing for a living for over 40 years and my body is living proof. The longer I work, the more pain I feel, but minding my posture is definitely a huge help.

Several years back, I had to have two surgeries on my shoulders; both of them a few years apart. I was so worried it would put an end to my career. But, after two rounds of physical therapy, I learned that my posture was going to be key in my recovery and longevity.

Repetitive motion and a slight slouch when I got tired had led to my pain and ultimate shoulder problems so, I was going to have to be aware of that slouch and how my clients were booked in order to continue to work with less pain.

I focus every day on having correct posture. When I am working out in front of a mirror, I strive for perfect form. As I stand in front of the mirror at the salon with my guests, I double check my stature often to avoid slouching.

It is hard at the end of the day when I am fatigued but it is essential to my health and my mood so I HAVE to do it.

Next time you’re feeling that physical heaviness during your day, check your posture. I’m sure you’ll find a way to improve it, just like I have!


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