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Declutter Your Closet, Cupboard, Spirit and Mind

By February 22, 2019No Comments

Feels good to look at, right?
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Originally, this blog post started with “Spring is in the air!”.

Of course, as we all awkwardly slog through rain and puddles in our Arizona clothes, we’re not feeling so spring-y.

But, being cooped up indoors may be the perfect inspiration to declutter your home and life! Here are a few tips that I’ve used long before KonMari came around that will help you get started…

You may already feel overwhelmed, anxious, or defeated with the idea of decluttering your home. But the mental process does not need to be as painful as some make it out to be. In fact, there are a variety of people who have come up with some pretty fun and creative ways to get organized!

First, categorize your clutter into three groups: trash, giveaway, charity. By categorizing your clutter it makes it easier to sift through your belongings.

Once you are done separating your belongings, now it’s time to clean! Scrape and disinfect those now-empty cupboards and cubbies before you start putting things back in.

For clothes, start by taking pieces out of the closet that you really don’t wear or are starting to get worn out. Filling Large trash bags is a great way to start taking bulk out of your ”collection”. Bagging up larger quantities of stuff is your best bet to getting bulk clutter out of your life! You can write off some of your old belongings to the local charity thrift store (we like the St. Vincent DePaul stores).

After a few cupboards or your closet are finished, try to use the momentum to change your perspective. Consider that decluttering your stuff helps to declutter your mind! It can be hard to get rid of things that remind you of fond memories. Try looking at old mementos and things as a fun time in your life that you are grateful for; now it’s time to move forward to create more positive experiences.

I promise, once you get started, it’s addictive! Finish tidying up the rest of your house and you are all ready for spring!

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