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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Find Style Inspiration

By February 26, 2019April 19th, 2022No Comments

Okay, sure, we could go ON about all the fashion we saw at the Oscars (and probably will in another post) but we recently watched something on Netflix and can’t stop thinking about the outfits and styling for all the female characters.

The show is called Russian Doll and it stars the alluring and mesmerizing Natasha Lyonne.

We could seriously freak out about the smart writing, twisted emotional journey, poetic storytelling, and laugh-out-loud comedic moments this series has to offer (watch it, it’s SO good!).

But, today, we’re seriously freaking out about the clothes, makeup, and incredible hair on the show!

First, Natasha Lyonne’s iconic wild, bright red mane of hair is downright powerful. She wears it long with bangs and it creates a striking silhouette that she rocks like no other.

Her outfits, though she only wears one or two, are perfectly styled. To support the huge hair, she wears blouses and coats with strong shoulders. Her trousers are high-waisted (but not too high) with a loose, tapered fit. She’s usually wearing black head to toe and when she throws on her oversized aviator sunglasses, she looks incredible!

There’s an older female character who is simply impeccable. Her white and gray hair is styled into a gorgeous lob and she sports flowing, silky textiles throughout the show. The main character’s best friend has a very showy style with a graphic-printed, fitted pant and baby blue, wispy blouse. She wears metallic blue eyeliner and creates a line that extends from her lashline up and over her eyelids. It’s just as crazy-looking and fabulous as it sounds.

Even the female extras at a party scene show off highly stylized outfits, hair color, and accessories. The whole story takes place in New York City and you truly get a sense for the city residents’ freedom to express themselves with an “anything goes”, diverse approach to fashion.

It’s really inspirational and makes us want to try something a little different on our next night out!

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