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The Oscars! The Oscars!

By March 1, 2019April 19th, 2022No Comments

So did you catch the Oscars this year?

We did and boy what a different year this was! First off, there was no particular host. We find it much more entertaining when there is a comedic host. Who is your favorite host from past years? Ours is Jimmy Kimmel.

Next (and yes we are going there) why does a show honoring great film making have to turn into political mayhem that seems to be getting worse every year?

And now we’re moving on.

The dominant color in fashion was pink! It seemed that every shade of pink possible ended up strolling down the red carpet. Some of our favorites were Marie Kondo, Julia Roberts and Angela Basset. It makes us wonder if fashion designers all get together and decide on a color for the event ahead of time and then persuade the stars to jump on board. We read somewhere that one fashion critic believed that Nancy Pelosi started the pink trend when she took control of the house in a hot pink dress!

We were slightly disappointed with the hair styles for this year’s awards. As we saw it, there was not enough glamour when it came to Oscar night hair. Center parts were dominant for sure. We can also take away that we will be cutting bobs for at least another year or so. Celebs sporting bobs were Brie Larson, Regina King, and Elsie Fisher but the bobs that stole the show and deserved their own Oscars were worn by Irina Shayk and Charlize Theron. Their bobbed hair cuts were flawless. We were surprised to see many stars leaving their hair down and quite honestly a little boring for such a special evening.

Speaking of Theron, we give her the nod for yet another year of jaw dropping perfection. Her stunning, pale, periwinkle dress by Dior with it’s plunging back and her amazing white gold jewels from Bulgari made for a look that, combined with her ageless beauty, was true glamour. We can’t wait to see her on the carpet next year.

So there you have it, our take on this year’s Academy Awards show. We enjoyed it and we are in the salon sharpening our skills for the sure to come requests for various lengths of bobbed hair cuts. Are you next?


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