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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Spray Tanning

By June 25, 2019No Comments

Spray tan much?

Everyone who knows me knows I love to spray tan. I love having a bronze glow but not in the Snookie way. And God forbid I sit and bake in the sun. The sun is so bad for you!

I personally opt for organic spray tanning because of the smell and the idea of organic solution on my body. If you’d rather select a technician or booth, ask for recommendations from friends and be sure to do your research.

So here are some of my hot tips when it comes to being a sun-kissed goddess from organic spray tan.

First thing’s first: Shave, exfoliate, and dry brush. Shave everything you need to shave BEFORE you spray tan (I like to shave the night before). Dry brushing is what I live for, seriously it’s life-changing, so I can’t go too long without it. I always dry brush RIGHT before I spray tan to exfoliate & ensure the tan goes on evenly (stay tuned for a blog post all about dry brushing).

Get a manicure after your spray tan because sometimes the treatment ruins the nail color or makes it chip faster. But pedicure before because the leg massage ruins the tan & makes it look like half of your leg is tanned and the other half is pale. Not so cute. Put a towel down underneath your feet. This will prevent you from having black/ orange stained feet. Sometimes I use the plastic hair caps around my feet.

Wear loose-fitting clothes. If you put on clothes right after or clothes that are too tight you will have marks (nasty blotches!). This has happened to me when I put my bra back on too soon.

That’s it! Enjoy your new bronzed look!

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