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Instagram Inspiration with Kyle

By June 28, 2019No Comments

Hair by @hairlikeaboss on Instagram. Gorgeous, right????

I draw most of my inspiration from Instagram. I seek out a lot of positive influencers on that specific platform to inspire me. It’s my favorite because it’s a highly visual source that I have an immediate, visceral reaction to. When a cut or color catches my eye, I get a little obsessed with the look and can’t wait to try to replicate it.

This happened recently with one of my most recent influences who was brought to my attention by one of my coworkers: @hairlikeaboss.

He is an amazing colorist who is an incredible lightener specialist. His bleach blondes and various tones are truly gorgeous. He crafted this specific approach to his hair art in Brazil and uses a specific process with product that we will have soon at The Root Salon.

I can’t thank our owner, Laurén, enough for supporting and encouraging this inspiration. She looked into purchasing the product and I can’t wait to try it out as I hone my craft in the lightening color expertise.

Talk to your Root Salon stylist when you see something you love on Instagram or your favorite social media platform. We are open and excited to new ideas in hair color and style always!

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