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Home is Where You Make It

By June 21, 2019No Comments

AZ may not have beaches but it’s got this!

So I just recently moved back to AZ after seven or eight years of living in Oregon and elsewhere. And, for the first time in forever I can actually say, “it’s good to be back”!

Even with the hellish heat, there is something about AZ that always pulls me. I’ve come and gone throughout the past ten or so years and I’ve learned that one’s hometown doesn’t always have to be a bad place. I spent years traveling and searching for a better place to call home and realized this place really isn’t THAT bad!

For every negative, there’s a counter-point. Yes, it’s hot, but we have gorgeous winters. It’s not “green” with vegetation and trees but the Sonoran Desert is incredibly beautiful. There’s no beach but we have rivers that carve incredible canyons (ahem, like the Grand Canyon maybe?). World-class resorts for staycations, award-winning restaurants, local-owned businesses for shopping…it’s all here! Plus, your home town has strong ties to your personal history with long family and friend relationships that you can’t get anywhere else.

I always end up back here for one reason or another, so I guess this is my home. For now, at least.

Either way, home is where you make it! And I’m making it here!

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