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With so many hair products on the market it can sometimes be hard to figure out what your hair needs specifically. On top of a great shampoo and conditioner, there are a variety of follow up products that can have different tasks from adding shine, to smoothing frizz, nourishing the cuticle, etc. One product I always recommend to my clients to add on to their hair routine is a leave in conditioner. Depending on your hair type this could come in a cream or spray form. This adds extra moisture to the hair and helps make the detangling process much easier and gentler on your hair. Another go-to of mine is a leave in oil. This can be applied usually on both wet or dry hair for additional shine & smoothing of the hair strand. Applying it to wet hair and combing it thoroughly before a blow dry is a great way to give your hair a soft, fresh finish. Applying it onto dry hair after a finished style is perfect for those stubborn ends that tend to separate or smoothing those stick straight fly-always at the root. Having a hair care routine that is suitable for you doesn’t always mean that you need lots of products. A thought out and simple routine is all you need for beautiful, healthy hair.  

Blog by: Kira

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