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Need a brain boost? My new obsession is mushroom coffee. 

Mushroom coffee is just like typical coffee, usually instant but it’s blended with mushroom extracts or powder. Mostly sourced from Reishi, Changa, Lion’s Mane, and other mushroom fungi. Adding mushroom into the mix may sound a little strange (especially for breakfast time) but the coffee has a strong flavor that can hide the taste of the mushroom. It comes with a long list of health benefits ranging from healthier hair to weight loss to aiding in chemotherapy treatments, a proven benefit of mushroom coffee is that it’s an overall stress reducer. 

Many mushrooms can be classified as “adaptogens” which are herbs that can help support our bodies as they respond to stressors, particularly within the adrenal glands. Another mushroom bonus is the contribution of Vitamin D, making them one of the only dietary sources of this nutrient. In excess, coffee can be harmful to your cardiovascular system, but with moderation (like anything else) it can improve endurance when it comes to exercising, reducing your perception of pain & fatigue. With so many benefits, adding mushroom powder into your coffee can be an improvement to your health, while keeping a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and meditating or maintaining a low stress environment these things are proven to spike over all happiness & health.

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