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Monsoon season has been very active this year in the valley, that means humidity is in the air & reeking havoc on hair. What products you use & when you use it are two important factors in keeping humidity & frizz out of your hair. Whether you wash every day, every other day, or 3-4 days at a time, here a few tips for anyone who falls into these categories or in between. For the everyday washer or curly hair clients- this is your season. Add in a defining cream, curl control, or smoothing fluid to your hair routine to make sure it gets all day hold. Work it into your ends, scrunch it in, adjust all your hairs so they’re in place & leave it be, try as little as possible to not touch your hair! By not touching or playing with your hair, it keeps your strands from separating & expanding (causing fizziness). 

Every other day washers, your hair can tend to be a bit tricky.  Instead of using product the first day, use as little of product as possible, if any. To keep your hair oil free try the Aveda dry shampoo before bed & on day two when you wake up use a fiber paste for the fly-aways. For the 3rd & 4th day washers, also knows as ponytail-by-noon type of person, try to avoid hairsprays & oils as they weigh down the hair.  Definitely use a dry shampoo before bed, thoroughly distribute it on your scalp, at your roots & brush it through to keep your hair strands cleaned. A texturizing dry shampoo in an aerosol is going to be your daily best friend for when you wake up. The Alfaparf Milano texturizing dry shampoo has lightweight hold which is great for defining movement in the hair without weighing it down.

If your not sure about the products you have or if it’s the right season to be using them stop by The Root Salon where our knowledgeable staff can answer any & all questions & have you looking your best through any time of the year.  

Blog by: Shane

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