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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: Replace Negative Culture with Excitement

By September 10, 2019No Comments


Living among a post-ironic, existential, over-indulgence in self-awareness informed culture, we can get lost in the noise and forget to just enjoy being excited about something.

Whether it’s news of your favorite band putting out a new album or being promoted in a job, people seem to talk down on the excitement that follows. You should be allowed to be happy for your accomplishments no matter what the energy of the room is feeling like!

I think we have all heard a snide remark about how someone didn’t deserve what they received. And maybe we are guilty of it ourselves! Really, this is just an expression of anger stemming from one’s own struggles.

Letting the negative opinion of others breathe will slow one down because it takes away from the hard work and perseverance. Negativity can stop a trajectory toward success in a heartbeat and cause people to question everything, ultimately putting an end to a goal or project.

It’s time to give it all up! No more accepting negative comments and NO MORE making negative comments yourself!

The feeling of relief when you are finally able to block out that constant chatter will shove you into a force of excitement and eventually enrich your life with happiness. You’ll be excited about the next adventure you have planned! It will bring up more ways to follow a dream. Taking away the threshold of the voices telling you to sit still will open up a world of possibilities and you will understand that success is based on your own happiness and no one else’s.

So share your excitement! Be happy for your own accomplishments! But make sure you share the love when others make it as well! Genuine excitement can be our new culture!

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