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How to Treat End-of-Summer Hair

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So it’s the end of the summer and you are noticing all the sun, chlorine, and sea salt damage is catching up to you. How can you make a few changes in your hair routine to get those locks looking healthy and shiny again??


Deep condition!! At The Root Salon, we offer multiple deep conditioning treatments with various choices in result and product. Here, I’ll describe my favorite but please know we also offer an Aveda treatment (15 minutes, $15) that might be better for you. Your stylist will know how to treat your hair’s needs best!

My favorite: Alfaparf Milano Cellular Madre Treatment, 30 mins $35 (AKA God’s gift to Desert hair)

This treatment is super fast, and you have the option to pop in for the treatment and leave wet (I prefer this because I want to give the treatment time to work before my next blow dry). It works like this: come in for a shampoo and the stylist will add the treatment to your wet hair. It’s heat activated so you’ll next sit under the heat for ten minutes. Ten more minutes of cooling following by a quick rinse puts you in the chair for a towel dry and comb out. I personally experienced this treatment and could immediately feel the difference without even putting my fingers to my hair! My hair felt lighter weight, and once it dried it was sooo silky smooth! My hair is a million times more manageable doing this once a month.

This treatment can be made custom for your hair needs and you and your stylist can choose which combination of Nourishment, Reconstructing, or Glow product. I personally LOVE to mix the Glow and Nourishment for my curly dry hair!! I love to do the reconstructing after coloring my hair.


Trim off those dead ends! Letting split/dead ends remain on your hair actually causes more damage. The hair will continue splitting upwards and result in overall dullness. Stop those bad hair culprits with a great cut by one of our amazingly talented stylists! This allows your hair to heal, and continue on your healthy hair journey. I notice my ends curl so much better after a good trim!!


Protect your hair from the environment. You can do this two ways, and I do both.

#1. Alfaparf Cristalli Liquid- aka liquid GOLDThis is a instant brightening serum for all hair types!! Made from a Flaxseed oil, and vitamin E that protects hair from the environment. It creates a lightweight and supple film to fight humidity and dryness without weighing hair down. A little bit goes a long way with this gem! I start by squirty one pump into my hands and start at my ends bc they tend to be more dry, and then I work through the rest of my hair. I put this in either after I wash it or in the morning if I notice my hair feeling dry.

#2. Aveda’s Dry Renedy oil- daily moisturizing oilThis oil is amazing if you have very damaged dry hair. Again, work it through your ends first, and then the rest of your hair. It’s a leave-in treatment and the certified organic buriti oil, harvested from the “tree of life” in Brazil, transforms dry, brittle hair, making it soft and manageable.Try out these 3 easy steps in your hair routine, and watch your dry summer hair turn into supple, silky smooth fall hair!

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