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Heatless Curls Can Be Yours

By September 13, 2019No Comments


Of course you want those beach-y, wavy, perfectly easy-looking curls. It’s a look that has been around for a number of years now and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon!

But the hassle of the curling iron is, well, a hassle.

You can skip that time-consuming styling and the damage that comes with the extreme heat.

My favorite way to get loose waves without damaging or spending a ton of time on my hair is by French braiding my hair while it’s wet. The steps are SO easy.

Before you go to bed, wash and condition your hair. After a thorough towel-dry and comb out, braid at least two French braids through your hair and secure with a fabric-covered elastic (no metal!) hair tie. Don’t worry about straight, perfect-looking braids; you can be a little sloppy as long as you are sure to capture all your hair in the braids.

Then just go to sleep and let our dry desert air work its magic. When you wake up, follow your regular morning routine and then release the braids for the perfect casual curl without the time needed or the heat damage from a curling iron.

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