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Tips & Tricks Tuesday: It’s Hiking Time!

By September 17, 2019No Comments

Picture taken this morning!

It’s true! Hiking season is here!

We know it’s still pretty hot out there when the sun is full blast but, we are happy to announce that hiking season is in full swing with our resident hiker (me)!

I’ve been out hiking in the mornings and the weather stays tolerable clear until 9am lately. Unlike the dead of summer when you have to be off the trail by 7am, the weather is starting to break so trail time can come later in the morning and for me, I make it a priority to steal 30 minutes on the trail after school drop off.

Still, there are some hard and fast desert safety measures that I must share before I recommend anyone takes to the trail.

We’ve talked about the basics on this blog before (proper footwear, lots of water, sun protection, and know where you are going) but my absolute favorite tip is to bring what I call “dump water”.

I like to fill a huge jug with ice water before I head out. Then, when I’m on the trail and I start to feel hot, I dump that cold water all over myself! Not only does the sudden chill feel AMAZING but when your hair and clothes are wet, you get to take full advantage of evaporative cooling.

This really works! And I think that taking these heat precautions are absolutely life saving. Be safe out there!

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