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Textured Hair is Back (It’s a Perm)

By September 20, 2019No Comments

It’s a great look.

Textured hair has resurrected from the late seventies/early eighties!

For the past fifteen years for sure, it has been hard to find permanent waving solution in any modern salon (aka “perm”). This past year, we saw a the beginning of a slow demand for permanent waving and texture services. At the time, we only had one person on our team that could provide this service.

As the demand grew, we got tired of turning the business away. In true Root Salon spirit, our one team member found a live model and taught the technique to the whole team. We had a great afternoon in class and the model loved her new, curly look.

Here is what you can expect from our team if you want to change the texture of your straight hair:

First off, we prefer to do a preliminary consultation. Perms are not for everyone and we will not take your money to ruin your hair. Previously damaged hair will not be treated with texturing chemicals at our salon. Also, we want you to know that beach waves are a style technique and cannot be permanently duplicated.

Second, please bear in mind that perms are not, well, permanent. They grow out and need to be re-done every three to four months depending on your hair. Proper care for your new curlier hair is a must and your Root Salon technician can educate you on necessary home care and styling.

So if you are wanting more bounce in your style give us a call. We are here for you!


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