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With October here, it’s time again to display decorations & bring out the pumpkins! Decorating your home or office with fall festivities is a great way to get into spooky season! A classic piece of Halloween decor that will never go out of style is the beloved pumpkin. Going to the pumpkin patch is such a fun family experience, but the most important part is picking out the perfect pumpkin for you to take home, & eventually carve out on Halloween night. Good tips for picking out the perfect pumpkin are 1- finding a pumpkin with a deep orange color & a green stem, 2- give it a knock on the side, check to see if its hollow, this usually indicates that its ripe, 3- make sure that the pumpkin has no bruising on any side of it, you also want to make sure the stem is firm & attached! These tips should help you in selecting a pumpkin that will last through the month & bring lots of fun when it comes time to carve! Happy picking!

Blog By: Kira

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