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About 25 years ago, in my early days of being a hair dresser, I had a very good client that I hit it off with right away. She was the Executive Administrator of a grass roots local non-for-profit called Teen LifeLine. Teen Lifeline provides essential support for teens throughout Arizona. While the suicide prevention hotline is at the heart of everything they do, Teen Lifeline services also include education of suicide prevention, community outreach (to inform everyone in a teen’s life about available resources), and life skills development for teen volunteers & survivors.

My then 15 year old son was attending a private Jesuit high school, he was required to dedicate himself to Christian service as a curriculum stipulation. My client said that there were few male teen volunteers within her organization and invited my son to take the training to volunteer. He signed up and absolutely adored it!
As a child of domestic abuse when I was a teen, I often considered suicide and suffered from severe depression in my teen years so naturally I was very supportive. My son served ” on the line” throughout the rest of his high school years and even helped train new peer volunteers through his first year in college.
T o this day my business and my family support this fabulous organization that has grown to have national reach. My client who has become a great friend of mine still runs Teen LifeLine and hosts an event “ The Connections of Hope” ball and auction. This yearly event is something I look forward to. I will spend the evening reflecting on the many ways this great charity educated and strengthen my son into the man he is today. Thank you Teen LifeLine.
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