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Whether you are feeling inspired by the change of season or have been planning it for a while, changing your hair color to red can be quite a process! Depending on the starting point of your hair color, it could be more in depth process than most hair color. The most important of red hair color, is to establish whether you want to be a warm red tone or a cool red tone. Now you probably are thinking, red is a warm color? It is! But with modern hair color there are so many variations of red. Some reds can have more yellow in them, making the color appear more copper. While other shades of red may have more violet, making them appear more of a berry-like or burgundy color. Whichever shade of red you choose, keeping up with the maintenance is the most important! Maintaining red color is super important because red tones tend to fade a lot quicker than most colors. Using cool water to wash your hair can help to keep the cuticle sealed down, holding the color within & therefor lasting longer. Another tip that is great for keeping the vibrancy in your red is getting a color depositing mask, it helps to moisturize dry ends while providing additional pigment molecules into the hair strand. Using this once a week is great way to ensure that your red color is bright, beautiful, & nourished.

Blog by: Kira

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