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Despite our best efforts, we all judge ourselves & others. It might be over clothes, material possessions, someone’s selfish behavior or a person who hurts your feelings. We live in a social media world where everything and everyone is on display 24/7, making it easy for everyone to judge. One thing I try to reflect upon when I’m feeling judgmental is “Would I want to be judged like this?” You can free your judgmental load by practicing these three easy things:

1) Become self-aware of your thoughts, refrain from saying things that aren’t nice or positive.
2) Practice empathy, don’t form a bias right away, think before you speak.
3) Patience, it’s easy to become critical nowadays so be sure to give yourself and others grace.

We have an opportunity to wake up everyday and be better than the day before. Be kind and positive to others and it will come back to you.

Blog by: Brit

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