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Does living a life of peace seem impossible? (It can in today’s world.) But it is possible to live a pure joy & happiness. By following a few, small practices into your day to day routine can help you on your journey to finding inner peace, leading back to your true identity. Finding beauty in even the challenges of life can lead to less drama, clear judgment, less stress, better confidence, and boost your energy. My following tips can help set you on the right path:

  1. Spending time with nature – Going outside is not only as nice as catching a fresh breath of air in the day, but also a beautiful way to reground yourself and center your mind. Just taking a 10 minute walk or sitting outside for 10 minutes can help eliminate day to day stressors and calm your mind.

  2. Mediation- another proven way to make your way towards inner peace for physical and emotional health. Meditation comes in many different forms. Listening to guided meditations can be very helpful for beginners. My favorite thing to do every day is to take 10 minutes to quiet my mind and focus on my breath. Another form of meditating is picturing yourself in your happy place. Whether that is the beach, carnival, with a loved one or animals, picturing yourself in this scenario & focusing on your vision will bring you to a sense of relaxation.

  3. Being grateful for what you have- changing your mindset to what love what you have instead of lingering on what you don’t have has made the biggest impact in my life. You will find more peace in everything you do and see positivity in even the smallest details of everyday life. Living life with a grateful heart is a sure way to move towards a more peaceful wellbeing. I love writing down one thing that made my day happy and one thing I loved about myself before I go to sleep, which leads into my next tip:

  4. Self Care- it’s very important. Finding confidence in yourself and determining what makes you, you is the ultimate relationship. When you love yourself first, then you are able to spread love among others. Doing the things that make you feel your best is an easy first step to deeper self compassion. So, if painting is your happiness, then start painting a picture once a week. If it comes from reading, then read a book 15 minutes a night before going to bed. Just focus on the things that make you happy!


What is the best part of starting your journey? You can adjust to your schedule! Implement these things whenever YOU have the time! You can do any of the things that make you feel best, just set your mind to it! If something doesn’t bring your positive energy or happiness, then don’t do it! Enjoy your steps to living a life full of happiness, peace, & pure joy!

Blog By: Haley

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