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Turn some heads with a little new year’s glitz! (photo: society19)

New Year’s Eve is here!

Will you be spending it dancing the night away with friends, lovers and champagne? Or will you be on your couch in your pajamas binge watching your favorite series with chines take-out?

If you’re dancing the night away, surely you’ve planned your look. No doubt you’ve browsed through Zara or Pretty Little Things for the perfect dress. But what about the hair? Are you ready?

If you’ve saved that all-important detail for last, here are some trends we are liking for the last night of the year:

It’s all about the glitz when it comes to New Year’s Eve! So to make your look extra special, get that glitter. Even a simple, short haircut can be completely transformed with a bit of sparkle. Make sure to wash it out before heading to bed.

Girls with curly hair should definitely go all out for the holidays and accentuate their beautiful hair even more. Curls are something to be proud of and the great thing about them is that they always look so glamorous and stylish, without spending hours on hairstyles.

Braids are a very simple way to achieve an awesome party hairstyle. If you add a cool pastel color to the mix with faux hair, you’ve got yourself a perfect trendy New Year’s Eve look.

Girls who want to achieve classy elegant looks for the evening should style hair with hair accessories that have been huge this season. Bejeweled hair clips, glittery headbands and velvet bows are trending like crazy and would be perfect for New Year’s Eve.

We hope these inspire your look tonight. And for next year (or for your next event in 2020), you can get our help! Make a complimentary consultation with us and let’s give you that perfect party hair.

Happy New Year!

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