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It’s over. It’s okay. You can relax now. (photo:

For those of you who celebrate Christmas, congratulations! You made it through another year!

If you’re feeling the emotional drag that usually follows a frenzy, please let us help you. We’re willing to bet that among all your priorities, you may have neglected yourself.

Well. We are here to help with that!


Give us a call and set an appointment. You need some time to be pampered and we are SO good at that.

Have you been thinking about a new color? Let’s talk. Are your bangs so long that they get mixed up with your eyelashes? We can help. Do you just want to get your regular ‘do because you’ve been running around super crazy for so long that you just want a little normalcy back in your life and your roots are a daily reminder that things have been absolutely out of control for too many weeks in a row?

We’re totally here for that, too.

Give us a call and remember, you can always book online.

We can’t wait to see you!


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