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It’s a new day! (photo:

Sometimes, throughout the day, I’ll look out the window and day dream.

The noise behind me becomes silent as I start envisioning myself walking, holding hands with my partner. It’s crazy because I can see this dream in all its glory but I can never clearly make out a face.

This is just one way I try to meditate and manifest good thoughts to send out into the universe. It feels good and, coming into a new decade is something I feel as though I need at this time in my life. A new decade, especially 2020, to me is a great time to start over fresh with a new mentality.

It’s a clean plate and we have the power to make anything happen!

I ended 2019 with hitting some of my goals (especially in my career) and now I feel like it’s only up from here because of the amount of work I have put into myself. This effort matters and I really believe it will pay off.

So, to you, I hope you are feeling as inspired and optimistic as I am! Cheers to everyone’s goals and reaching them in whatever they are!

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